Trick or Treat at Boo at the Good Zoo

Welcome back! We’ve got one week left until the big day, and I’ve written, oh, what? Four posts so far this year? You can quite fairly call this blog a dud for 2017, but hey, let’s soldier on anyhow, shall we? Today, we’re back at the events pictorials with some images from Boo at the Good Zoo. This is an annual Trick or Treat event held at Oglebay Park in Wheeling every year. We actually attended this way earlier in the month, but I’ve been busy behind-the-scenes with writing and fretting and other generally poisonous pursuits, so I hadn’t a chance to post these yet.

Also, to answer any possible questions up front: yes, I did dress up, and yes, I did indeed Trick or Treat. Thanks for asking! There should probably be shame in this, but there is not. At least not on my part. If you want to feel shame for me, feel free. I’ll be over here munching on what’s left of my candy.

So let’s get started, because these pictures won’t caption themselves!

Gwendolyn with carnival display

A smiley witch. Don’t believe that friendly look on her face. She’s not to be trusted…


A bedecked gazebo at the start of our trick or treat journey. Please note that the arrow is clearly pointing the way that we aren’t facing. We’re Halloween rebels like that. Field of pumpkins

Pumpkins galore. With giant bat

The smiley witch is petting the giant smiley turtle statue. The turtle’s dressed up this year too, masquerading as a quite friendly vampire bat. Everybody’s getting in on the Halloween fun! Bats and lights

Beware the bats, lurking among the trees. Snake

As previously mentioned (like 50 words ago), this event is held at a zoo, so here’s a picture of a snake to prove there are indeed animals there.Iguana

And here’s an iguana too. There’s actually a ton of animals at the Good Zoo, but many of the outside exhibits were empty. Since the weather is turning chilly, the animals were hanging out in their interior enclosures, enjoying their autumn in peace. Good for them!

Whisk Bakery display

This was basically me after the event, collapsed in a heap from too much sugar and too much Halloween fun. With giant cat

Not going to lie: this evening was all about the candy and me having an excuse to wear a pointy hat and carry a broomstick in public. Not that I even really need an excuse, but still.

Gwendolyn in hay maze

Navigating the corn maze. Bill told me he’d come in and find me if I got lost.

Petting a skunk

The color balance on this image is totally off (and oddly blue), but here I am, petting a skunk. He seemed quite apathetic to me and other visitors. Better than being angry at us, I suppose.

Boo at the Good Zoo

Alas, the mermaid in the duck pond did not make it out alive…Front Display at Boo at the Good Zoo

A bewitched writer hamming it up. Basically, this is every day of my life.

So that’s all I’ve got today! My plan is to post tomorrow, since it’s about time we send out our McQueen Halloween cards. After all, nothing says 60 Days of Halloween like a curmudgeonly cat!

Happy Halloween!