Caramel Apple Crepes

In case you didn’t know, today is Tuesday, which means let’s resurrect that old 60 Days of Halloween tradition of Tasty Tuesday and feature a recipe tutorial! Mostly, I’m just doing this because I feel like people are probably tired of seeing pictures from events. I’m starting to feel like that lame old person who makes everyone sit through projector slideshows of their visit to the Grand Canyon. I mean, at least yesterday had owls, so that’s a little better from a Halloween perspective, but still. People used to frequent this blog to see me fail at arts and crafts and cooking, and darn it, I truly believe I should give them what they came for!

So caramel apple crepes it is! Here in our household, we’ve been on a crepes kick for a couple months now. On our way to and from Providence in August, we stopped outside of Harrisburg for breakfast at Helena’s Chocolate Cafe and Creperie, an awesome little place that is highly recommended if you’re ever in the area. Consequently, crepes remind me in an oddly tangential way of our trip to NecronomiCon, which was a major highlight of the summer (I did a fiction reading there and was on panels and for a brief, shining moment, looked like a totally legit writer!). There, now you have my thinking as to why we’re cooking crepes for the blog. Aren’t you so glad you clicked through to this article?

Anyhow, let’s get down to this, shall we? The recipes we used today can be found here and here. As for the apples, we just cut those up and put them in the oven. Easy enough. Caramel Apple Crepes

Our artistic apple shot of the day.Caramel Apple Crepes

Toss the apples with some brown sugar and butter…Caramel Apple Crepes

… and put them on a tray in the oven. Caramel Apple Crepes

Hooray! When it comes out of the oven, it looks disgusting and will also be a profound mess to clean up. Good times abound!  Caramel Apple Crepes

I’m not going to walk you through mixing up crepes. It’s basically the same as mixing up pancakes except in this recipe, you put the mix in a blender, as seen above. And yes, that is our Waring blender, and yes, I do have a Waring blender because of the lyric in Warren Zevon’s “Poor, Poor Pitiful Me.” Thanks for asking! Caramel Apple Crepes

So here I am, officially making crepes. As you can see, I did get dressed up for the occasion. That’s a Halloween dress, after all, and it deserves its due on a Halloween site!

Please note that the window behind me does not look outside like a normal window should, but instead just looks into another room in our house (in this case, a sun room that doubles as Bill’s pottery studio). In our kitchen, we have not one, but TWO windows that simply look out on other parts of the house (the other window gives us a great shot of our garage!). Because the layout of our house, in fact, represents the strange inner-workings of our warped psyches! Caramel Apple Crepes

Making the caramel sauce. It probably would have been easier if I’d cut up the butter beforehand, but whatever. I’m a Halloween cooking rebel like that. Caramel Apple Crepes

A crepe close-up. Truly, this is a pretty darn good recipe and is highly recommended if the crepe mood ever strikes you. Caramel Apple Crepes

A smug blogger with her smug crepe.Caramel Apple Crepes

Then once your crepe is done, all you have to do is arrange your apples and pour on the caramel sauce. I mean, you could *probably* have figured that part out on your own, but I just wanted to be sure…Caramel Apple Crepes

We folded our crepe up, which sort of makes it look like some weird sandwich wrap. It might not look the prettiest here, but it does taste pretty good!

So that’s our blog for today! Tomorrow, we’ll probably get back to our elderly person slideshow, er, I mean, our pictorials from events. You’ve been warned.

Happy Halloween!