Apple Picking: The 2017 Edition

So it’s mid-October already, and the season is rapidly slipping away from me. 2017 in general has been slipping away, and maybe that’s not so terrible. It has, to say the least, been a tough year for everyone I know. It’s always been a scary world out there, but the dread of this year has made me want to charter a rocket to the moon and never, ever come back. (Side note: do you think you could grow pumpkins on the lunar surface? Asking for a friend.)

But as I’m sitting here writing this post, it’s almost sunset on Wednesday evening, and outside, the world is a perfect golden yellow. Crows are calling to each other in the trees, and my cat is watching out the window with all the quiet foreboding of the best little familiar a witch could want. In short, other than the too-high temperatures, it’s an ideal autumn night. And I try to tell myself that that’s not just something; it’s everything. Life is only made up of moments, and at the very least, this is a good one.

So today, I’m lighting a candle, and returning to my usual Halloween antics. Maybe I’ll be posting every day between now and October 31st; maybe I’ll only be posting sporadically. But either way, it’s time to get back to it in some form, because this blog has brought me joy in the past, and hey, maybe it will bring you a spot of Samhain joy too. And the world probably needs a little more joy right now.

At some point, in the next few weeks, I hope to once again start failing at crafts and recipes, but for now, another pictorial will have to do. And it’s a pretty important pictorial so far as I’m concerned: the annual picking of the apples! A big event for Bill and me each year is our trip to the orchard. It’s probably my favorite tradition, just because it’s one that he and I have done together for so long now, and it feels like ours. So join us, as Bill hides behind the camera taking pictures and I pose in front of the camera being my ridiculous self!

Let’s start our apple picking adventures with me holding an empty basket and mugging with a cheesy smile for the camera. Pretty much all our adventures start this way, to be fair…

Now it’s important to show at least one piece of photographic evidence of me picking an actual apple. Otherwise, I could have just posed next to some trees and then bought the apples at the store. Really, you don’t know! I could be tricky like that.

A smiling, smug blogger thinking she’s so special, picking apples and whatnot.

Obligatory apple close-up. Please note my David Bowie amulet, er, necklace. It helps protect me from all harm with its sheer awesomeness. (It’s had to work overtime this year, sadly.)

This is by far my favorite picture of the bunch, primarily because I look like I’ve suddenly become lost in the apple orchard. I mean, it’s not like I have a sign nearby to help direct me or anything.

But worry not! I fought my way out of the Jonagolds and lived to fight another day (and eat an apple pie too). The girl in the Doc Martens won’t let anything keep her down!

Anyhow, in all seriousness, I do really, really love this orchard, so if you’re ever in the Pittsburgh area, be sure to check out Simmons Farm. They’re super friendly, and the apples are super groovy. What’s not to love?

So that’s the blog today! I’m hoping to get another one posted tomorrow, but I’m not promising anything at this point.

Happy autumn!