My name is Gwendolyn. I love Halloween. My parents were married on October 31st and held parties each year on their anniversary, so I blame them for my obsession. However, I'm pretty morbid by nature (e.g. I was totally Goth for the better part of a decade, have written/directed/starred in several horror films, and even have a clothing company called Zombie Apparel), so maybe this is my birthright AND my destiny.

But why 60 days of Halloween? Why not just one month? Because while 31 days of festivities would be terrific, this will be twice as good! And when was the last time you celebrated anything for one-sixth of the year? Exactly...

So how do we (or in most cases, just I) pick ideas for each day? Really, there's no science to it; it's just whatever sounds like fun! More specifically, not every event needs to be haunted or even directly related to ghouls and goblins to qualify for our two month celebration. The original intention of Halloween (or Samhain as it was called way back in the day) was to celebrate the fall and prepare for the upcoming winter, not just to revere witches, ghosts, and monsters of every variety.

A few final notes, and we'll get you back to your regularly scheduled internet surfing. Each week, we will have Media Mondays and Tasty Tuesdays (EDITOR'S NOTE: this did not quite happen during 2012, but for 2013, we are going to try to get on the right track. That means no more weird happenings to disturb us from our regular schedule! Hear that, universe?). Hence, on that rough first day of the work week, we will be highlighting a certain film or series of films, spotlighting a melancholic artist of the day, or counting down our favorite horror-related music. Then on Tuesdays, we will feature a Fall or Halloween recipe for you to try and (hopefully) enjoy. Most weekends will find us covering at least one regional event, somewhere in western PA, northern WV, or eastern Ohio. Throughout the rest of the week, we will be mixing customs, recipes, crafts, events, strange places, and media to see what seasonal entertainment we can dig up!

And if you ever have any questions for us, please feel free to contact us anytime!

Thanks for visiting, and have a Happy 60 Days of Halloween!