Day 31: McQueen's Halloween Photo Shoot

And here it is, arguably the most beloved tradition of 60 Days of Halloween: the annual McQueen photo shoot!

I scowled yesterday. McQueen scowled today. Scowling is like a family tradition in our house!

We didn't really have a theme for this year, unless general pumpkin shenanigans count as a theme. That probably counts. Anyhow, follow along with today's misadventures!

The pumpkin setup sans cat...

McQueen was definitely not feeling the circle of pumpkins, so that arrangement
sadly did not last.

The spider, on the other hand, was a totally acceptable addition to the setup.
At least according to McQueen.

Chilling with arachnids! That should be a reality show or something.

These photos are edited a bit to remove the mad amounts of catnip McQueen consumed
in order to mellow her out enough for the photos. Even kitties
get stage fright sometimes.

This was about the point that she told us that if we wanted any further pictures,
we would have to talk to her agent.

A very autumnal kitty!

Aww! That's my heart right there!

And there's my other heart, hiding in the corner, watching her big sister.

McQueen is never eager to share the spotlight with Rose of Sharon, so Rose
has to sort of sneak onto the set if she wants any photographs.

"Yum!" says Rose. "Pumpkin-flavored pumpkins!"

Feline faceoff!

An unedited picture that shows the true extent of McQueen's penchant for catnip.
Not a pretty sight, all that slobber and drugs...

My little pumpkin among the pumpkins. I love you, McQueen, even if you love
your catnip more than you love me!

And my personal favorite shot of the day: a ring of cat-approved pumpkins!

So that's our McQueen Halloween photo shoot of 2016! Head on back here tomorrow for more fall fun!