Day 47: Owl-O-Ween at the National Aviary

Today was one of my favorite October events anywhere: Owl-O-Ween at the National Aviary!

Owls galore!

Since owls are better seen than described, here is a pictorial of today's excursion. Just in case you forgot, I HEART owls.

Barn owls were once thought to be ghosts.
How festive of them!

This barn owl is named Whisper. Nice to meet you, Whisper!

Guess who was back this Owl-O-Ween? My old pal Barkley!

We learned from the Aviary staff that despite his age (nearly twice
the average lifespan of screech owls), Barkley is in tip top shape and should live for
many more years! Woot Woot!
Or should I say--hoot hoot!

Barkley going crazy!

My favorite owl in the whole world. No day with Barkley can be a bad one!

Yes, it's true. I got a photo with Barkley today. However,
I was too star-struck to ask for an autograph.

The burrowing owls were mildly annoyed with the throngs
of people. We feel your pain little burrowing owls...

A spectacled owl! I kept calling him a bespectacled owl.
Owl glasses not included.

Franklin is yet another owl we'd never met before today.
Extra exciting in the 60 Days world!

Don't forget Owl-O-Ween goes on next Saturday too!

Bill took this photo while Franklin looked right at me. We
might become friends too if it weren't for his pointy beak and unforgiving claws.

Another owl craft. Happiness!

And finally, let's finish with Payden's nail design for Day 17: cat eyes!