Day 3: Glass Block Pumpkins

For Day 3 here at the 60 Days of Halloween, we were quite excited to commence our first Creepy Craft of the year! Unfortunately, the craft itself was less excited. But after considerable wrangling, Bill and I managed to tame a bundle of inanimate objects for a pretty decent final product!

I like the glint in the background on the right. It looks like a monster's eye.
Or that's what I think it looks like anyhow. It's just our carbon monoxide detector.

For our pumpkins, we converted glass blocks normally used for privacy walls. The blocks were even made in Pittsburgh, so not only did we buy American, we also bought local. Rock on. Anyhow, here are the supplies for today's project!

Those are one glass block, a hot glue gun, a package of orange lights,
black foam adhesive, a fuzzy green art pipe cleaner, and a lonely
"normal" pipe cleaner (see it at the bottom there!).

Since this is a craft and crafts are by default best explained in visuals, today's post is going to be mostly pictorial. That's also because all that pumpkin wrangling turned a fifteen minute project into a ninety minute one, and time is of the essence in the Halloween world.

Here is Bill cutting out the pumpkin face! Everything was still alright at this point!

The face before it found a home on the glass block. We decided to go with a
scary face for this one. Or at least a somewhat perturbed face.

Bill and I test-drove this project over the summer, fashioning ourselves a friendlier version of the glass block pumpkin. It turns out the expression really dictates how well things are going to go.

The foam adhesive sheets make this step super easy, even for the craft-challenged like me!

That's one angry pumpkin!

So far, so good, right? The face is cut and positioned on the pumpkin, but here's where things go south:

The above photograph looks innocuous enough but it was moments later when I realized the 100-count string of lights filled up the glass block to the point that when the lights are unplugged, all you can see is black cord. The aforementioned friendly "test" pumpkin only used a 50-count string, and I felt it looked better. But we had no more 50-count lights except the one already installed in the other pumpkin (you can see that one below for comparison).

For some reason, this really vexed me, and I decided I hated the project and tore the lights from the pumpkin. In retrospect, this makes no sense, causing me to be extra afraid at how the next 57 days are going to go. However, in my defense, my dad had to go in for surgery today, so perhaps my mental state was more precarious than I thought. Anyhow, Bill came to the rescue. And by rescue, I mean he just put the lights back in the pumpkin.

Chivalry at its best.

By this time, I had transformed from the Hulk back to Bruce Banner, though I still feared that I might not be calm enough to use a hot glue gun. As it turns out, my trepidation was unfounded, and the rest of the project went off without a squashy hitch. I curled up the pipe cleaner "vine" and glued it and the fuzzy green stem into place.

No scalded hands here!

Note my very cool Breakfast at Frankenstein's shirt courtesy of Tee Villain!

The angry pumpkin joined its friendly brethren! I told Bill that's me on the left and him on the right!

So that's our project for today! One note for those of you interested in making a glass block pumpkin of your own: don't leave the lights plugged in for too long. Unless you use LEDs, the string of lights will heat up inside the pumpkin, leading to burned out bulbs and who knows what else.

Be sure to join us tomorrow for our first horror film of the year: The Hands of Orlac!