Day 10: Witchy Kitty

Welcome Wednesday! Here we are on Day 10! And here is a cat in a witch costume:

She looks rather surprised, like she just stumbled on set by accident.

It's not just any cat, though; that's McQueen. She's my little furry, festive darling. And yes, that's the same outfit from last year, but we hadn't done an official photo shoot with it, so we figured we could get a bit more mileage out of the getup before it was retired.

This shot reminds me of one of those retro promos with the people gazing regally off-screen.
Granted their regality never involved a witch hat and foam core moon, but that's just their loss now, isn't it?

Light test before the star of today's post bothered to show up. She was holed up in her dressing room AKA the laundry room

So we have a whole rhythm to dressing up our cat. This is not a procedure to be taken lightly for she is no laid back animal. Bill always says she takes after her mother in the high strung category. Everything needs to be ready before we ever try to get her on the set-- she's such a well-renowned diva. Thus, the lights (a full kit), the paper backdrop, the camera, and the set design must be prepared prior to her dosing. Yes, I must confess that we do drug McQueen with catnip to guarantee her full cooperation. Shameful, but true.

I see a PSA in my mind, warning kittens of the dangers of narcotics.

Speaking of set design, those pie pumpkins come direct from our very own garden, and I am very proud to say that I tended and picked them. We're going to have a whole post in the coming weeks devoted to our harvest (it will be more exciting than that sentence makes it sound). And Bill actually made the broom yesterday from desiccated corn stalks that we procured from Fencerow Farmers Market last year (thanks, Kevin!). I insisted the broom be the appropriate size for McQueen to fly if she ever chose to do so. She's a bit too lazy though. Spoiling a cat with regular food, water, and love really engenders absolutely no ambition.

Originally, I thought we had a black paper backdrop. I was sadly wrong. The most festive color we own is red. Bill had already spray-painted the moon, thinking that we would use a background that would suggest nighttime, not... what does a red backdrop suggest if it were the sky? Scary storms? So I elected that we not use it. Bill argued in its favor (after all, we wouldn't want his mad spray painting skills not to get their due!). And I have to admit that the styling looks better with the moon anchoring it. So kudos, Bill. The moon really pulls the whole shot together (insert laughter from Big Lebowski fans here).

"Can I go now?"

Even with catnip, it should be noted that corralling a cat is no small feat. She gets rowdy and snarly and all kinds of snitty- Bill's and my word to describe a kitty in a snit. But anytime she seems genuinely upset and not simply annoyed, there is the chance that we have to call the whole thing off. We'll tease the cat, but we would never actually distress her. Therefore, we only got a few shots with her wearing the witch since the contraption strapped around her chest and neck. It didn't look comfortable, and she made it known that she didn't like it. So we removed that, I cooed at her for a minute, and we were back in business.

"But think of all your disappointed fans," I whisper to her. "The show must go on!"

Once I got her calmed down, however, we still had a few glitches. Mainly, she really liked loitering at the edge of the paper rather than at the center.

"Mr. DeMille, I want to do all my shots from here. No? Too bad."

At any rate, the day's shoot produced some good images, definitely multiple card-worthy ones. However, I am a bit biased since I think she's really the cat's meow... or the cat's pajamas. See? There'a reason for all those cat sayings. Because they're great.

Here's my favorite photo of the day:

The rare moment when she's relaxed. It's good we got a picture because that's about the only proof.

And Bill's favorite:

He says a cat mid-meow looks more appropriately spooky for Halloween.

And that about wraps up Day 10! I will be sure to post an image of the cards once they arrive. And if you want to get on our super fun mailing list, just send us your info here. McQueen might just show up in your mailbox one day. Though not the whole cat, just a card version. I couldn't part with her as a parcel (I heart alliteration).

Join us here tomorrow for more fall fun! It might be apple picking, but the weather says it might be something else. So it's a mystery, even to us!

And aww heck, here's one for the road:

My other favorite. She looks so sweet! I promise you she's not.